A wonderful gift

A while back Annemarie had a contest on her website, asking for the name of a design she was stitching. I had a spare minute, did some searching and came up with the answer. Annemarie promised a stitched gift for whomever had the right answer and I was the lucky one.

Last week I received an envelope in the shop from Annemarie which had a great card as well as the promised stitched gift. I am now the owner of an official Annemarie floss ring keep. I just LOVE it. The design is from Blackbird Designs and it is put together wonderfully. The picture is from Annemarie’s weblog as I left my camera in the shop (or at least I hope I did).


She also included two skeins of Vaupel & Heilenbeck threads in green and pink which will come in handy for future projects. Annemarie wasn’t too happy about the tassles, though I don’t see anything wrong with them.

Annemarie, thanks so much, your package sure brightened my weekend.

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