Marker sampler

I am getting close to finishing my Marker Sampler for the workshop we’re giving this spring. Here’s how far along I am at the moment. It’s been an interesting process. Normally, I would design my sampler on the computer and then start stitching. For this project however, that was hard. Marker stitching is usually done over 3 threads and my computer programme has the usual 2 threads squares.

I started out with a design that was very geometrical and somehow it didn’t work out. It just didn’t look good. You can see part of the design still in the top of the sampler. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to change it, I am rather tempted. Originally, I wanted to have two larger birds at the bottom section, sort of a mirror image of the bird that is still there. When I showed it in the shop several customers commented that they thought it was just too geometrical. Funny isn’t it, that you know something is wrong with a design and it takes another person (or rather persons) to show you where the error is.


So I added a diagonal line, added a second diagonal line and a new motif. I am liking it a lot better now. The band below the bird is going too. I want to have the diagonal line go all the way to the red band at the bottom. The same band will be restitched in the area left and I might mirror it. If I am really gettin anxious, I might take out the eyelet letters too. Or at least one of them. It’s too bad I left my camera at the shop so I can’t show you how it has changed, but here’s a close up of the bottom part.


Due to all these changes I wasn’t very fond of this project until this week. Somehow, I could just visualize how it should come together and stitching now is a pleasure. I use Cotton a Broder and Venus threads and love how they look on the fabric. I am even tempted to restitch the whole thing on 40 count fabric. If I ever do I might change the top as well :).

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