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Lori is one of those designers who keep coming out with designs that I absolutely love. I haven’t stitched that many of her designs, but the ones I did, I’m really enjoying both when stitching them and now that they are hanging in the shop.

Lori is een van die ontwerpsters die steeds met patronen uitkomt die ik werkelijk geweldig vind. Ik heb nog niet zoveel van haar ontwerpen geborduurd, maar van diegene die ik heb geborduurd, heb ik veel plezier, zowel tijdens het borduren als nu ze in de winkel hangen.

This was a release from 2011 if I’m not mistaken and I think it’s so true. I changed the colors to Sampler Threads and picked a piece of Picture This Plus fabric that I had in my stash. I’m considering to frame it in a dark wood colored frame.

Dit was een ontwerp van 2011 als ik me niet vergis en ik denk dat het zo waar is. Ik heb de kleuren veranderd naar Sampler Threads en een stukje stof gebruikt van Picture This Plus dat ik nog had. Ik denk erover om het in een donker notenhoutenkleur lijstje in te lijsten.


Crazy Alphabet – finally finished

For a while, I was wondering if I would ever finish this design. After a good start, I lost momentum and it took me a while to get back into it. Of course, it didn’t help, that I discovered that I had made a mistke somewhere. I spent quite some time trying to figure it out, then decided that I would adjust the design as I couldn’t find the point of origin for the mistake :). It was driving me nuts and  I thought that wasn’t worth it.

To add insult to my counting abilities, I had to frog the upper leaf 4 times and even now it is not like it’s on the graph. So any mistakes you might discover, are completely mine and have nothing to do with the excellent quality of the graph.

But this week, I managed to put in the final stitches. And I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Now I can start contemplating what kind of frame I want for this one. As I am considering using the same black frame I am going to use for ABCD, I left off the black outer border. I thought that would be just too much. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now I declare this project to be done with :).

Update on Crazy Alphabet

I am happily stitching away on Crazy Alphabet. It’s coming along nicely and it’s a great design. The linen I am using is a little denser than other linens, which makes it a non-travel project. Why is that important, you might wonder. Well, I am doing a course in April and May and have to travel to Utrecht once a week. That means 2 hours one way by train. Which is of course a perfect time to stitch.

However, this linen is just a wee bit too hard to work on while the train is moving. So I decided that despite my good intentions of not starting something new unless this was finished, that I could work on something else while travelling.

Here’s my progress on Crazy Alphabet:

As for my travelproject, I’ll save that for another post :). Let’s just say it’s 32 count fabric and stitched with a handdyed silk thread.

Another La D Da design

One of the things I did while waiting for the new computer, was clean up. Over the past months I have accumulated an impressive pile of papers on my desk as well as stitching paraphernalia, that made it almost impossible to see the desk below (not that it is such a special desk, but it would mean having more space to work on). I sorted papers, filed them, purged them and at least now, I can see that there is an actual desk below the papers.

I worked on the March floss tag a bit as well, but I find it hard to do designing without my computer programme. I have become so used to being able to move motifs, change colors, move motifs some more, exchange motifs etc. that doing it by hand, just doesn’t seem to work.

Of course I stitched some as well. I am working on my Hedebo class as well as a La D Da design. I finished my first La D Da design about 2 weeks ago. When I saw the design at market, I knew I had to stitch it and gave into temptation shortly after I got back. Since it was just in one color, it didn’t take that long to stitch. This second piece is done in 5 colors, and I changed the Needlepoint Silks to Sampler Threads. Partly, because I am totally in love with a new color by Sampler Threads called Espresso Bean. It’s a dark brown color, with a touch of black. Just perfect.

Anyway, here’s my progress so far. I am stitching it on 40 count German linen that is meant for Schwalmer embroidery, so it’s a bit dense, but I just love the color (which I doubt you’ll be able to see on the computer, but I will give it a try nevertheless). The Sampler Threads I am using are: Mustard Seed, Espresso Bean, Dried Thyme, Liberty (not yet shown) and Mulberry.

If you have the chart, I think it’s quite obvious which color is substituted for which Sampler Threads :). Enjoy spring, it’s beautiful over here.


* my new computer will be installed on Saturday, pfew, I am soooooooo relieved. Hopefully, everything will be back up and running before Easter.*

I have mentioned this design in the shop’s newsletter and promised to have more news about it on my weblog. This was one of the designs I saw at market and just HAD to stitch. I love the simplicity of it, the beautiful letters, the fact that it’s stitched in one color, the clean lines….. I think you get the picture, I really like this design :).

Of course the debate is always when stitching a single colored design, which color should I use. I already knew which fabric I wanted to use, a 40ct linen from a German company in a wonderful “primitive” color. As for the thread, I knew I didn’t want to use black as in the picture, but something else. Fortunately, The Gentle Art released a great color at market, called Espresso Bean. A rich brown color, dark enough to be almost black but it is still brown and it went soooooooo well with my fabric.

So here’s my version of ABCD, I hope you like it.

And a tiny close up:

I am thinking of getting a frame for this that is rather “rustic” and hopefully in the same color as the thread. I know for sure that I will use the thread again, it’s such a great color.