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A gift / Een kadootje

Normally, I don’t stitch a lot of gifts. Not because I don’t want to, or because of lack of friends who appreciate the effort, but more because a lack of time. Stitching with a deadline is just not something I enjoy very much :).

Ik borduur weinig kadootjes normaal gesproken. Niet omdat ik dat niet wil, of omdat ik vriendinnen mis die dat kunnen waarderen, maar meer omdat ik zo weinig tijd heb. En borduren onder een deadline is niet iets wat ik erg prettig vind :).

However, when I saw this design in Nashville, I knew I had to stitch it for a dear friend. She’s the sister of my heart, and with the Celtic knot and the Celtic border around the design, it was just perfect.

Maar, toen ik dit patroon in Nashville zag, wist ik gewoon dat ik het moest borduren voor een speciale vriendin. Ze is mijn hartszus en met de Keltische knoop en de Keltische rand rondom het ontwerp, was dit gewoon perfect.

So I got started and we’ll see when it’s done :). She doesn’t know I’m planning this, so there is no deadline involved.

Dus ben ik begonnen en we zien wel wanneer het klaar is. Zij weet niet dat ik dit van plan ben, dus er is geen deadline :).


25 days of Christmas – day 21

Edited December 22nd:

for some reason I saved this as a draft instead of publishing it. So I’ll just publish it tonight and have another post tomorrow :). Enjoy.

I just realized that there are only 5 more posts left, I’d better go look around to the best WIP’s I have to share :). Which means if you do the math, that there may actually be more than 25 WIP’s in this house. Hmmmm, food for thought for 2010.

This is a good oldie, Jeannette Douglas’ s Stitching Treasure. Beautiful, beautiful design, lush silk threads and heaps of specialty stitches. I got more or less stuck with the over one stitching. Which is a pity coz I have seen this one finsihed with the embellishments and the box and let me just tell you it is drop dead gorgeous.

OK, I have no idea why this picture looks so weird. I’ve uploaded it twice and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. You’ll have to believe me that the original is much, much better looking :).

I need to think some more about the next four WIP’s. There are at least 2 that I know I want to share, as for the other 2, I’ll have to make a choice. The good thing is that one of the WIP’s shown in this series is no longer a WIP anymore. It’s all done, but I can’t show it for a while.