Happy holidays!

I absolutely love Vals Stuff’s designs, they are cheerful, colorful and manageable. Her color palette for Christmas is slightly different from mine, I am more a green, red and white girl, Val uses a rainbow of colors. Which makes it a treat to stitch one of her designs, you will always feel cheerful when you are working on them.

A while ago, I wanted to stitch something quick and easy and came up with this design.

It is called Happy Holidays and that is exactly what it is, happy, very happy. I stitched mine on 40 count summer khaki linen and had to use a different button, the snowman used in the design was too big. I am planning on making a scissor fob out of this, hence the backstitched rectangular. Oh, and I used smyrna crosses for the eyes and teeth. I always feel that they look better when done in smyrna crosses.

So, with this picture, I’d like to wish everybody happy holidays! I hope this period of the year finds you in good health and spirit,  remembering the best times of 2010 andsurrounded by those you love.


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