A rainy Sunday finish

While I am still stitching away on my blackwork sampler for my Souvenir de ma Jeunesse project, I desperately needed something that would be a quick finish. As last Sunday was a dreary day, it was the perfect day to do a quick project. One of my goals for 2011 is to make a dent in my odds and ends fabric pile. I have collected quite a few 36ct and 40ct pieces of fabric in the oddest colors and sizes and want to put them to use. Not much fun to have them in a drawer and never be able to use them.

So, I can envision that I will be making quite a few pincushion in the near future. Because pincushions are the perfect project for odds and ends. Not to mention that you can stitch them up rather quickly. Well, usually. So the first project would be Winter from the Winter and Christmas leaflet by Raise the Roof. This funky little snowman would be the perfect project for my Sunday.

I gathered my supplies and started stitching away. And let me tell you, stitching on a rather dark color of linen as well as on 40ct linen, does not make for a quick stitch :). It took me longer than I expected but I really loved how my snowman came together. I used pure white for his body and Threadworx 1089 for his scarf and hat, the other colors are done as charted.

The next challenge is to put this wee pincushion together by using my beloved backstitches. It’ll be a tight fit with the backstitches on 40ct linen, but I hope it will work out. And now that my first pincushion is done, I can kit up another small project that uses one of my many scraps.


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