Souvenir de ma Jeunesse

In September we started an exciting project in the shop: the stitching of a Souvenir de ma Jeunesse. Originally, this was a large roll of stitched pieces put together to show the techniques and skills of a young woman. Nowadays, it is the perfect excuse to come together and stitch smaller projects that will eventually end up in your Souvenir de ma Jeunesse.

We started with stitching a Red School Sampler, nothing too difficult to get started :). It’s amazing to see what the stitchers have come up with. I love seeing all the different samplers, the different ways stitchers have used borders and alphabets and the differenct combinations of thread and fabric.

My own sampler is done on 32count antique white Belfast linen with Soie d’Alger. I am in the process of stitching another one, this time on 40count linen. But here is my first addition to my very own Souvenir de ma Jeunesse.


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