Stack of snow

At the end of November we got hit by the first snow of the season. I can’t remember that the snow was ever so early. And let’s just say that I am not ready for it either. It reminded me too much of last winter when the snow seemed to last forever and ever.

This was early in the morning, taken from my kitchen balcony.

However, the snow prompted me to start this very cute project by Amy Bruecken Designs, aptly called Stack of Snow.

On top of this snowman, there will be 2 more and it’s all done in bright Amy colors. Not my usual type of wintery colors, but they go very well with the soft green fabric. Which BTW, is another of my scraps stash. I haven’t decided yet how to finish this one (well, let me get to the stitching finish first), but I am leaning towards another pincushion for my collection. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole glass bowl of pincushions all with snowmen or a winter theme?


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