And more snow

Ever since we got that first snow at the end of November, we had another supply of white flurries. Since the temperatures are well below zero, it means the snow doesn’t go away. And sometimes there is just more snow added. I took this picture standing just outside the shop, couldn’t resist having the new house in the snow on film.

Driving home took 15 minutes longer than usual, but at least the roads weren’t too bad and I got home safe and sound. Only to find out that Miss Murphy is probably the only one in the family who has the best place of all. On her “own” chair, all snuggled up.

Can you see the “Do Not Disturb” sign all over her? In the evenings, she’ll come lay next to me on the couch and when she gets cold, she’ll go over to the quilt, and start pulling it with her claws. Let’s say she’s pretty good at getting her point across.

PS: I wrote this post a while ago, the snow has melted completedly now, but it seems that more is on the way. I think Miss Murphy will just claim the quilt permanently.


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