Update on the house

The past couple of weeks everybody worked really hard on the house. The progress is going slowly, but everything is done to perfection and it is turning out even better than I could imagine. We started painting on the second floor, as that’s the one place where no more major redo’s have to be done. My mom is the painter extraordinaire and here you can see her in what we named The Green Room.

In the corner you can still see the dark green color they used for all the beams. We are going to paint them in a light off white/green color, which will make the room look much larger and definitely brighter. And where you can see the pipes of the heating system, I will have drawers, lots of drawers. Especially made for this room by a former neighbor. I think it will be organizing heaven.

And this is the masterbedroom, everything is painted in lilac and opposite the closet, I have a deep eggplant colored wall. Not exactly my colors :). So they are gonna be changed into the same off white color we are using upstairs. Much, much better IMHO. I know that a lot of people have colors in their bedroom or livingroom but I found out that I’m just not one of those people. I prefer to use accessoiries to add color to a room.

In the midst of this all, it’s rather cold outside. In the beginning of December it was bitter cold and as the heating system is under construction, it gets really cold inside as well. We’re using some electrical heaters, but it still is cold. Hopefully before Christmas the heating will be up and running again.


5 thoughts on “Update on the house

  1. Love it!!! I am sure it will be wonderful when it’s all finished and you can settle in :-). I am with you on the neutral walls and adding color with accessories!

  2. You’re doing great on the house! I agree about colouring the walls, I much prefer the walls to reflect lots of light rather than suck it out of the room. Nice to see your mom again :-), please say hi to her from me.

  3. Ziet er allemaal heel goed uit. Dat van die kleurtjes kan ik helemaal inkomen. Voor mij geldt hetzelfde: de kleur brengen we wel aan met accesoires en gordijnen e.d.

    succes nog even!

    Groetjes, Herma

  4. Wat wordt het mooi! Ik ben het helemaal met je eens: kleuren door accessoires. Makkelijker te wijzigen dan kleuren op de muur.

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