Blackbird finish

Ever since the start of the Anniversaries of the Heart series by Blackbird Designs, I have been contemplating whether I would start them or not. Considering the first chart came out at Nashville market, you can imagine I have done a lot of contemplating. My main issue was that I didn’t know whether I’d stitch them seperately or on one big piece of linen. I was leaning more towards one big piece of linen, but given that I already have a very big piece of linen project, I didn’t think I would be able to handle another one.

So as the months went by, more charts came out and I was more and more doubtful. The charts are sooooooo beautiful and they feature my great stitching love: houses. I saw blogpictures of wonderful big pieces of linen with equeally wonderful houses on them. I saw a few of them stitched seperately. And the more I saw, the more I knew I simply HAD to stitch them.

Finally, the first bonus design came out and I was lost. The colors, the alphabets, the border, the pot with flowers, what’s not to like. Naturally, this idea of stitching the bonus design came with a whole new set of contemplations. What fabric to use, which threads, which count of fabric etc. And if I found the right fabric, what would I do?

Oh well, I didn’t want to have a project that would cause me too many  headaches, so I opted for 40ct Vintage Light Examplar from Lakeside Linens, most of the threads called for in the design and got started. I didn’t have any Jakey Brown so I used Cidermill Brown instead. And I loooooved how the colors worked on the fabric. It’s a small finish, a little less than a postcard I’d say.

And now I am itching to start one of the others. I have decided to stitch them seperately, and will worry about the finishing later. That could be my goal for 2011, to find a way to finish them. Oh well, first I have to stitch them. And I think I am only about 9 designs behind. Talking about pressure :). I think Swan Lake will be next as it doesn’t use a myriad of colors.


5 thoughts on “Blackbird finish

  1. Je kunt ze met een mooie naadverbinding (goede oefening voor je SmdJ) verwerken tot één grote lap óf je laat ze allemaal apart. In ieder geval heb je zo iets minder te contemplaten.

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