And a Halloween start

Thanks everybody for your comments on my 4 Mile run. I am planning to keep running once a week until spring 2011 is here and then possibly go back to twice a week. I hope to increase my speed a bit. There are several runs in the spring that are 5km and I think that would be a great goal to work towards to.

Of course my Fall/Halloween cravings didn’t end with the Little House piece that I stitched. Starting something new, was just too tempting. As not every F/H design that I mentioned in my previous post have arrived in the shop yet, I decided to start on one that was already in my hands. This is the start of the Halloween Branch by Bent Creek.

As you can see, there’s just a bit stitched, as another project (I will post about that next time) took up most of my stitching time over the past week. It’s stitched on 40 count Newcastle, I am not very fond of stitching with 2 plies, so decided to go for 40 count instead of 32 count. It means I will have to find a solution for the buttons, but I think I can manage that. Next time I will put a pair of scissors next to the stitching so you have an idea of how big or should I say, how small it is.


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