And more work is done!

The house is progressing nicely, or should I say, the remodelling is progressing nicely? The bathroom is now completely devoid of any tile, brick or piece of furniture, we even took out a wall and will put up a new one later on. It is now all one big space (3,85 x 2,85m) and I have to figure out where the new wall is going to be, so that I will have a hallway to my bedroom as well as a bathroom.

After that was all done, the men (my dad and a previous neighbour) moved to the kitchen. Boy, they sure did a good job in a couple of days.

This is the back of the kitchen, you can see the stairs to my livingroom as well as part of the basement. Where the line on the floor is visible, is where the wall used to be.

The right side of the picture is where the bathroom used to be, pretty much where the ladder is now. They took out the wall as well as a part of the stairs.

Here you can see right into the basement. The ceiling of the basement is going to be level with the rest of the floor, giving me much more space.

And to prevent the kitchen from getting damaged or covered in dust, we covered everything in plastic.

Next up is sawing away the ceiling of the basement as well as the remainder of some of the walls. It is sooooooo exciting to watch the house develop into a dream come true.

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2 thoughts on “And more work is done!

  1. Mayby you could design a sampler with some empty rooms, a cracked bathtub, half a stove and some holes in it?
    I very much like the fact that you share the rebuilding with us!

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