A finish and Halloween/Fall cravings.

First of all, thanks everybody who commented on my big news of the new house. It was such a joy to read all the comments, I keep going back to the post and re-read the comments. I received the first numbers from one of the contractors and am now impatiently waiting for the second to send his numbers so I can decide how to proceed. The funny thing is, I can hardly wait to start tearing down the walls :).

In the meantime, not much stitching has been happening. I am busy getting everything ready for the Open days of the shop this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Yesterday evening mom and I went to the shop to get some packages on their way. Some weeks there are just not enough hours in a day, I’m sure y’all know the feeling.

As a result of the rather poor weather we’ve been having, I am finding myself with serious Halloween/Fall cravings when it comes to stitching. Every time I see a Halloween or Fall design, my heart starts to beat a little faster, my eyes start to shine and my fingers are itching to start stitching. And my goodness, there sure are a lot of nice H/F designs out there.

I have been a good girl though and finished up Hare’s Christmas first. I figured if I finished it, I wouldn’t have to feel bad if I gave in to my cravings and would start a H/F design. Hare’s Christmas was absolutely fun to stitch. I always have a bit of motivation problems when it comes to putting in those final stitches, you know the ones that require 3 stitches of one color, 4 of another etc. On this piece, the snowflakes were getting to me, as I had to start and end the thread for each snowflake, which isn’t such a big deal, but there wasn’t much to start and end the threads with on the back. However, I persevered and it’s done! I think that next week, I will pick out a frame for it, so that if and it’s a big IF I am in the new house by Christmas, at least I’ll have a new Christmas piece to put up.

Now as for my H/F cravings, here’s a list of possible suspects:

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I do know that a H/F design will be started soon. Very soon. Very, very soon :).


4 thoughts on “A finish and Halloween/Fall cravings.

  1. Hallo Annemiek ,

    Leuke patroontjes hoewel ik niet zo van halloween hou zijn het altijd mooie kleuren.
    Heb ik het verkeerd begrepen dat je vorige week open dagen had?
    Of lees ik dit bericht van jou verkeerd?
    Deze week zou ik wel kunnen komen en anders zeker binnenkort.
    Moet eerst weer een verllanglijstje maken voor mijn verjaardag in oktober.

    Tot ziens, Lia.

  2. Hey Annemiek,
    Ik zou gaan voor het tweede “Fresh October brings …” of the Halloween branch. Maar dat zijn persoonlijke voorkeuren! 😉
    Ik dacht ook dat je vorig weekend opendeur had? In elk geval wens ik je een fijne tijd toe, vol borduren, plannetjes maken, …

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