Hare’s Christmas part 1

I think I mentioned it before, I am into full Christmas stitching mood. It seems I cannot think of anything else but Christmas and keep going through my stash looking for the perfect Christmas project. And it wasn’t hard to find another one that I simply “had” to stitch.

This is Hare’s Christmas by Plum Street Designs.

I already fell in love with the Hare designs, but when I saw the Christmas one, I knew it had to be on my wall before Christmas 2010. So I rushed into my fabric drawers and found the exact fabric that is used in the design. What more signs did I need to let me know that I really needed to start this project asap? Next up was a dive into my Sampler Threads, but as I own the collection, I wasn’t very surprised to discover that I had all the threads I needed. Granted, I had to look into two other places as some threads were used for other projects (Jenny Bean comes to mind), but they were all in the house, so that counted too as a big sign.

Next up was Miss Murphy, who had already taken up her usual spot on the sofa, as if to say that she really needed me next to her stitching (truth to be told, Miss Murphy probably couldn’t care less about what I am stitching, as long as I remember to scratch her ears every 5 minutes or so). Three very clear and obvious signs that I simply *had* to start this project. What can a woman do, but give in?

And give in I did, I sat my hiney on the sofa, scratched Miss Murphy’s ears and threaded my needle. I started out with the sleigh, so the hares would have a place to sit. And once I got started, it was kinda hard to put it down. So the sleigh was done in I think one evening of stitching. Much to Miss Murphy’s delight as she got her ear-scratching every now and then.

They are not my usual Christmas colors, but I love them anyway. I can’t wait to get more done. Or to get it finished as I really can’t wait to pick a frame for it. And to put it up on the wall. Who cares that Christmas is still 4 months and almost 2 weeks away. It’s never too early or too for Christmas if you ask me :).


6 thoughts on “Hare’s Christmas part 1

  1. what a darling design – I had seen it before but it looks particularly cheery right now in the middle of a never ending heat wave here in NE FL – just a reminder that cooler weather WILL come. Cheers and Merry Christmas! Melody

  2. Ohhhhhh, fantastisch patroon. Jammer dat ik net een bestellinkje bij je gedaan hebt. Wie weet, ben bijna jarig. Ik weet nu in ieder geval iets, wat ik ga vragen! 🙂

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