Over one Christmas stitching

Ever since I saw the Christmas Tree Collection by JBW Designs, I have been wondering about how to stitch them. They make excellent Christmas stitching, quick, fun and you can give them to almost everybody. My eyes were especially drawn to the over one versions. They looked so precious.

So one Sunday evening, I picked up my supplies and started stitching. I think I have found an almost perfect fabric, it’s 30 count, and the threads are thin enough that you can easily stitch over one. If that makes any sense. Sometimes, I think that Belfast linen is a bit too thick for over one stitching. Anyways, I got started and loved how it turned out. I stitched up this puppy in just a little over one hour. Talk about the perfect design for Christmas stitching. Of course, it helped that it was all done in one color of green and one red.

There is a needle #26 next to it, so you have an idea of the size. It’s pea-sized for that matter. But oh so lovely. In the meantime, I have started number 2, but that one isn’t finished yet.

5 thoughts on “Over one Christmas stitching

    • Thanks Karen, they are going to be on different pieces, I have a passe-partout that will be just perfect for the finishing. Once they are all done, I’ll make sure to post a picture here of the final project.

  1. Sorry, but I’m missing just what the miracle fabric is. Maybe I’m just being dense, but please tell me, anyway. Thanks!

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