And another house is added to my collection.

Most of my friends and customers know that I have a weakness for houses. If there’s a house on the design, I am sorely tempted to stitch it. Or at least to acquire it. I guess in another life I must have either owned a lot of houses or never had one and always wanted to have one :). At least in this life, I can say that I own my apartement (well, along with the bank LOL).

Anyway, back to the houses. A few weeks ago I received a wonderful bathroom towel from a friend, with a row of houses on it. An early birthday gift and one that I absolutely love. Then during my vacation in Tanzania, I tried to get a start on The Workbasket’s Houses of Alphabets’ Blue House. I wanted to stitch it on 36 count raw Edinburg with Old Lace from Silk ‘n Colors.

It’s a great stitch, I love how Candy and Mary incorporated the specialty stitches in the house and how the alphabet is scattered over the house. Stitching this in Tanzania was a bit of a challenge and as earlier stated, I didn’t have much time or light to stitch. When I got home, at first it was way to hot to do anything, but after a couple of days, i picked it up again and finished it a while ago.

I haven’t decided yet about the finishing, what else is new :). We’ll see what happens to it in a while.


3 thoughts on “And another house is added to my collection.

  1. Looks really great. You’re not alone with your weakness for houses. I love them, too, and usually my stitched pieces have either a house or a bird. Or both, lol.

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