Sekas & Co birdhouse heart

Thank you for your suggestions on how to finish the Marjorie Massey finish. I think a pin cushion is what it will be. I have seen some beautiful pin cushion finishes on the internet and will give it a try. On to new stitching finishes. At least I know how we’ll finish this one LOL.

One of the clubs we are running this year, are 12 different hearts by Sekas & Co. All the threads are converted to silks and the hearts are stitched on32 count Belfast. I haven’t posted all of them, but this is the one for July: Birdhouse Heart. We used Gloriana and Soie d’Alger silks.

They are great stitches, quick and you get to stitch a couple of specialty stitches as well. We finished them as heart pillows and once the year is over, I want to put them all on one long piece of ribbon and have a heart garland for the shop.


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