A UFO less, does that mean I can start another project?

As shown during my 25 days of Christmas, my pile of projects that I am working on, is quite high. Some might say, very high. Since some of them are really great projects, I decided to at least try to get a few done in 2010. So that when Christmas comes again, I can at least show you different projects. Would be quite boring if it’d still be the same 25 projects. I could just repost from 2009. No, that would be a shame indeed.

So, while selecting a project to bring on my safari trip, I suddenly thought of a Marjorie Massey chart that I started a while ago. I am not even sure it was ever featured on this blog (note: I am not mentioning my old blog). I knew it didn’t need that much to be done. And those cute bunnies and squirrels deserved a better destiny, than staying in my UFO box forever.

So, in my travelbag it went and while on the plane, I managed to finish this. It’s stitched with Lorikeet wool by Gloriana (absolutely fabulous to stitch with) on 32 count antique white Belfast. I couldn’t remember why this had ended up in the UFO box. When I was pretty much done, my dad spilled some coffee and some of it got on the fabric. I haven’t figured out yet, how to get rid of it. Which reminds me, I should take it to my mum, she’s the spots remover extraordinair. She’ll know what to do.

As for the finishing part, I haven’t the foggiest idea, any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “A UFO less, does that mean I can start another project?

  1. Why not just coffee stain the whole piece and then you;re off the hook for trying to remove the spill. Cute piece ! Glad to hear the Lorikeet works well – I have a bunch of it stashed but it’s all pegged for canvas projects. Cheers! Melody

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