Miss Murphy’s favorite spots for the summer

Miss Murphy kindly asked me (read: stamped her petite feet, meowed until I was going mad, and threatened to scratch every single piece of furniture in the house) to show you all her favorite spots for the summer. Personally, I am not sure you’ll get much inspiration from this, as she picked some spots that are only accesible to cats or really tiny and skinny people. Definitely not for me LOL.

The window sill, though it’s beyond me why she’s still behind curtains and not near the window to look outside.

On top of my Silkweaver’s stash, thank goodness they’re in plastic. See what I mean about skinny people being able to fit in?

Sprawled across the bed, now I could do that too LOL.

In my walk-in closet, on top of some fiberfill. I guess she was a little annoyed that I found this favorite hiding place.

Underneath the curtains that cover up the stash behind it. If you didn’t know she was there, you wouldn’t see her.

Despite everything, she misses me when I am gone and is sooooo happy when I am back. Love you, miss Murphy!


4 thoughts on “Miss Murphy’s favorite spots for the summer

  1. Wat een leuke foto’s van Miss Murphy. Vooral die waarop ze op je Silkweaver-voorraad ligt. Het valt mij trouwens op dat op veel handwerkblogs wel een kat of hond te zien is. Blijkbaar houden veel handwerksters ook van dieren. Goede combi!

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