The Queen’s Crowns are done!

Remember my May project? How I thought I could stitch those crowns in just one month? Well, of course that wasn’t going to happen, but I am pleased to report that just before I went on vacation, I put in the final stitches. The Queen’s Crowns are officially done. They are beautiful and it was a fun project to stitch.  I stitched it on 50 count Itialian linen with handdyed Soie Surfine by Tentakulum.

As is pretty obvious from the picture, I haven’t ironed it yet :). I have to consider how I want to finish this one. Maybe a dark wooden frame would be nice. For now I am just enjoying the fact that the project is done. If not in May, then in June. Still quite good I think :).


7 thoughts on “The Queen’s Crowns are done!

  1. Hi – Love your Queens Crowns piece. Your trip to Africa must have been just a like a dream. When I was young I always thought I would go to Africa but the older I get the more I feel that will not happen. International travel seems so unsafe these days. Enjoy! Melody

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