The best laid plans…..

sometimes fall apart when life interferes. I fully intended to have a finish today, the last day of May. And that finish would be my Queen’s Crowns by Plum Street Designs. However, somewhere mid May things got rather hectic at work and stitching became something that was only to happen on train rides (during which I, unfortunately, cannot stitch on 50 count linnen). As said train rides were not that many, I got some accomplished, but not my crown a day project. Hopefully, the project will see the finish line in June.

I did stitch on a small project though, Humble Spirits by Little by Little Designs. I saw this at market and really liked it. I could stitch this on 36 or 40 count linen and still take it with me on the train. So here’s a progress picture.

It was only after I started it, that I realized it was meant as a Christmas ornament. Duhuh. Oh well, I still like it very much and love the colors.

In the meantime, miss Murphy has decided she might join the Universal Miss Cat Contest and asked me to take some pictures of her. I am not sure if she approves of the ones I took, but I think they’re great :).

“Don’t I look cute?” (she’s not supposed to be on the coffee table, what can I say, she has a mind of her own).

“Even when I am just awake, I still look beautifull.”

“And when you don’t feed me NOW, it can become really ugly, really soon.”


3 thoughts on “The best laid plans…..

  1. As said before, I really do like your work, especially the high count fabric projects. What do you use then, some super super glasses…LOL

    Love your kitty pics aswell.

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