Travel project no. 4 – Another over one project

Ever since I saw the first Jenny Bean design by Shakespeare’s Pedller, I just knew I had to stitch it. The very first was the Halloween one, followed by a Christmas design. So back in September, when I picked up the Halloween design in St. Charles, I also picked up the Sampler Threads used in the design (all limited editions, let me know if you need a threadpack too). Of course, the time to start this project, wasn’t available at market, so the design along with the threads ended up in one of my infamous drawers. (I really should take some pictures of my drawers…., it might make you feel a lot better about yourself.)

Halloween came and went and I started preparing for Christmas. Theresa had to make my life more difficult by releasing one of the cutest Christmas samplers.

This time no special threadpack was needed, so in my mind I started gathering the necessary threads and ponder over which fabric to use. The issue of which fabric to use became a big one. I loved these designs so much, that the fabric had to be perfect. The whole project had to be perfect. A simple linen wouldn’t do, it had to be special. It took me the better part of Christmas and New Year’s to realize that there was no way I could make up my mind and stitch this beautiful design before Christmas, so off it went, into another drawer.

Fast forward to Nashville market. Just before I left, I had seen a picture of the new Jenny Bean design that would be released at market. My heart went aflutter, I could hardly supress the need to pick up the design and start at market right away. Fortunately, I had friends around who are much saner than I am and they told me firmly, that I had finish up a couple of other projects first.

Once again, a threadpack was assembled by The Gentle Art, so I rushed over to make sure I could pick up one for myself. The design uses regular colors, that are available to all and sundry, so there was no need for the rush, but I just had to make sure that in case I wanted to start the project in the middle of the night, I would have all the materials available.

Jenny Bean was stuck in my suitcase, was stuck in yet another drawer and didn’t see sunlight until a week ago. I hadn’t stopped thinking about her, there just wasn’t time or justification to start a new project. Until last week. I finally had decided on the fabric. And big surprise………. it’s no linen at all. It’s the same Jobelan I used for the Tralala design and for the Marjorie Massey project. Because I realized that I wanted to stitch this over one!

So here is my progress so far. I absolutely love the design, the colors and the way it shows up on my fabric. It’ll be a tiny sampler, about 6 x6 inches (15cm x 15cm). Which is perrrrrrrrfect. I have told myself that once this one is done, I can start on the Christmas sampler. Which will also be stitched on the same fabric and over one. After that, it’s on to the Halloween sampler. Which, you have guessed it, will be on Jobelan over one as well. If all these will be accomplished in 2010, I don’t know. But at least I know which fabric I want to use.

Now, if miss Theresa will publish yet another Jenny Bean design, I might be into big, big, big trouble. I am already shuddering when I think of the possibility that she will design a Jenny Bean chart that won’t work on an ecru colored fabric. That would mean, I’d have to start my fabric search all over again. No Miss Theresa, you simply have to stick to designing JB charts that will work on my Jobelan.


8 thoughts on “Travel project no. 4 – Another over one project

  1. I love the Jenny Bean’s.
    I gave up looking for the Halloween edition threads.
    Great new start, I love that tree

  2. You are off to a great start! I know what you mean about the JB charts – they’re all wonderful. I won one of them with the threads from a shop who had a giveaway, but I haven’t started it yet.

    And I’d like to see what stitchy things lurk in your drawers – it just might make me feel better about myself because I’ve got stuff all over the house!

  3. Oooh, nice start! For some reason, I didn’t crave for any of these except the Halloween one, although I do think they’re pretty. But it’s A Good Thing: I don’t have drawers, I have bags. Too many of them.

  4. I enjoyed catching up with your blog today Annemiek – I love those JB charts but the Halloween one is all I have. I have such a massive stash – I ‘ve been able to resist buying any more. Good luck with those elusive photos – loved seeing a pheasant – Melody

  5. Hi Annemiek! I have never heard of Jenny Bean designs before and I am drolling all over the laptop. Yikes! I need these…are they expensive charts? And if you think your drawer looks bad, you should see my baskets and shelves. I have UFOs everywhere. I am on a mission to lighten my load this summer and get lots of old things finished. Then and only then will I reward myself with something new and now I think I know what! Your start is great and I hope you will show your progress. I find showing it on the blog helps me to get it done too.

    Hugs en groetjes ~

  6. I am the proud owner of JB Christmas–and I love her! I even found *my* perfect linen to stitch her on: 36 count Barn Owl (or is it SandPiper? The greyish one) from Linens by design. Unfortunately, the season had really passed by the time I got the linen in, and I’m still suppressing my new-startitis, but I can see this one coming out as fall ends this year. 😀

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