Feathered Friends

This past fall and winter, I usually saw a phaesant family on my way to the shop. Depending on how early I was on the road, I would spot them. As we had a rather cold winter, times were hard for them. It was a relief to see them again in the spring, knowing they survived. One evening, as I was driving to the shop, I saw at least 20-25 phaesants in a field. I have never seen that many phaesants together. Of course, I couldn’t stop and take a picture, which I truly regret.

When I was in high school, I used to joke with my mom, that if I saw a phaesant, I would pass whatever test I was going for. Phaesants were to bring me luck. I have no idea where that suggestion came from, but every time I see a phaesant, I can’t help but think: something good is going to happen.

The past couple of weeks, I have more luck spotting the birds when I’m driving home. All sorts of work is done around their fields and I guess, they feel safe to come out after the workers are gone home. So this week, as I was passing by, I saw two females and a male bird. This time I was determined to get a picture. I stopped the car, turned, parked the car and took off with my camera. Of course, by that time, the two females were long gone and the male bird was making a good attempt of thwarting my plans for a picture. I did catch him too, even though the pictures aren’t the best.

I tried to zoom in, but forgot that my camera settings were on close-ups so those pics are blurry. Maybe over the next couple of days, I can try again.

My next assignment is to get some of the deer I see around on camera. That’s even trickier as I can’t get up as close as with the phaesant. But it would be sooooo worth it. Then there are the storks near the village where the shop is. Gotta get those on camera as well.


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