Travel project no. 3

My third day of class found me in the train once again. It’s quite pleasurable to be in the train this early. You get to watch the sun making its way through, I can spot several animals in the fields and in the meantime, I get to stitch. Which accounts for a very nice ride.

So this last time, I had packed up one of my own designs. It’s the April chart for the monthly floss tags and this one is called A Listening Ear. On my way to the class, I managed to get quite a bit done, I finished almost all of the front. Then on the way home, I stitch the back as well as the backstitches. Which even left me with some time to stitch on my back up project, more about that in a later post.

Here’s the April floss tag:

I did the finishing the night after, as it requires a hot iron and interfacing, which are kinda hard to bring along on the train :). There is an eyelet missing, I plan on doing that over the weekend.


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