Sally Goose update

Sally is still on her nest, well most of the time. This week I biked home and saw that she was swimming around with grumpy male goose. Immediately, I stopped and pulled out my camera to take a picture of the nest with the eggs. Alas, I had forgotten to put my memory card back in and I couldn’t take a picture.

The next day however, she was wandering around again and this time I came prepared. However, there was this ugly white foam around the nest, so the picture is anything but pretty.

If you look closely, one egg is kinda near the end of the nest, I don’t know if that means anything. There are 7 eggs close to each other, which I hope will bring goslings in the near future. This must be Sally’s 4th week of nesting, at least by my account, so I guess next week might bring some new borns.

PS: the white foam is gone now, I think it has to do with all the remodelling that is going on. If the wind blows in the wrong direction, all the foam ends up in the corner of the pond where the nest is.


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