Travel project no.1

Travelling by train is one of my favorite ways of getting from one place to another. The main reason: I am able to stitch without any interruptions. Well, hardly any interruptions. So having a course for 5 weeks, each week spending about 4 hours in the train, leaves me with more stitching time than I normally have. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to share some projects with you that I worked on during these trips.

The first is one of the latest Blackbird designs called Bluebird. Í have seen the design stitched up in different colourcombinations and decided to pick some 40count handdyed fabric (no idea what it is, it’s from my scrap drawer) and a new Gloriana colour called Royal Plum. Which is indeed a royal colour, I absolutely am in love with it.

The project was small enough that I managed to get it all done in about 3.5 hours of stitching. I still need to add my initial and a few mother of pearl buttons. No doubt, my mom will turn it into a lovely pinpillow.

PS: I took the picture outside, but it still doesn’t seem to capture the richness of the color. Once it is finished into a pinpillow, I’ll give it another shot.


One thought on “Travel project no.1

  1. I used to take the train to work years ago and it was the best time of the day – sleep, read or stitch.. Your BBD is a great project to take on the train. You can get a lot of things accomplished during the ride. Love the design and the floss you used.

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