Update on Crazy Alphabet

I am happily stitching away on Crazy Alphabet. It’s coming along nicely and it’s a great design. The linen I am using is a little denser than other linens, which makes it a non-travel project. Why is that important, you might wonder. Well, I am doing a course in April and May and have to travel to Utrecht once a week. That means 2 hours one way by train. Which is of course a perfect time to stitch.

However, this linen is just a wee bit too hard to work on while the train is moving. So I decided that despite my good intentions of not starting something new unless this was finished, that I could work on something else while travelling.

Here’s my progress on Crazy Alphabet:

As for my travelproject, I’ll save that for another post :). Let’s just say it’s 32 count fabric and stitched with a handdyed silk thread.


5 thoughts on “Update on Crazy Alphabet

  1. Hoi Annemiek,

    Wat heb je me weer goed verder geholpen vanmiddag. De eerste letter van the rose sampler is al geborduurd… Prachtig!
    Een heel fijn weekeinde!

  2. I love this design! I take the bus to work but as the ride is only about fifteen or twenty minutes I just read a book. It’s not bad commuting when you have something good to fill the time with.

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