Another La D Da design

One of the things I did while waiting for the new computer, was clean up. Over the past months I have accumulated an impressive pile of papers on my desk as well as stitching paraphernalia, that made it almost impossible to see the desk below (not that it is such a special desk, but it would mean having more space to work on). I sorted papers, filed them, purged them and at least now, I can see that there is an actual desk below the papers.

I worked on the March floss tag a bit as well, but I find it hard to do designing without my computer programme. I have become so used to being able to move motifs, change colors, move motifs some more, exchange motifs etc. that doing it by hand, just doesn’t seem to work.

Of course I stitched some as well. I am working on my Hedebo class as well as a La D Da design. I finished my first La D Da design about 2 weeks ago. When I saw the design at market, I knew I had to stitch it and gave into temptation shortly after I got back. Since it was just in one color, it didn’t take that long to stitch. This second piece is done in 5 colors, and I changed the Needlepoint Silks to Sampler Threads. Partly, because I am totally in love with a new color by Sampler Threads called Espresso Bean. It’s a dark brown color, with a touch of black. Just perfect.

Anyway, here’s my progress so far. I am stitching it on 40 count German linen that is meant for Schwalmer embroidery, so it’s a bit dense, but I just love the color (which I doubt you’ll be able to see on the computer, but I will give it a try nevertheless). The Sampler Threads I am using are: Mustard Seed, Espresso Bean, Dried Thyme, Liberty (not yet shown) and Mulberry.

If you have the chart, I think it’s quite obvious which color is substituted for which Sampler Threads :). Enjoy spring, it’s beautiful over here.


2 thoughts on “Another La D Da design

  1. I like your Lazy Alphabet start! I put the first few stitches into mine yesterday – I’m also using overdyed cottons, but a slightly different set (apart from Mulberry, which I’m also using). Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. I can easily relate to what you write about your desk. I have two of them and both are really large. But when I need some space I first have to declutter them. It’s incredible how all these papers pile up in no way, lol.
    A wonderful start on the Lazy Alphabet.

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