Easter stitching – Tralala

Since a few weeks we have a new French designer in the shop, Corinne Rigaudeau who designs under the name of Tralala. the first batch of charts were very popular, so we had a second batch coming in and in it was this designs:

I totally loved this design when I saw it as it has such a spring touch to it. So, on Easter Sunday, because I had totally nothing else to stitch on, I decided to gather my threads and stitch one of these cuties. It was quite a hard decision to decide which one I would actually stitch and after much deliberation I wanted to go for the chicken one.

Fast forward one Easter Sunday, 12 episodes of 24 (season 7), an Easter diner and Easter coffee and here is the result.

I really, really loved stitching this over one and used 28 count Jobelan for it. Jobelan, IMHO, is the perfect fabric to stitch over one on. As you can see, it’s quite tiny and now I have to decide how to finish it. I think the size is perfect for a floss tag and that might be what I’ll go for. Framing it might be a bit too much for this smallish design and I am think it is too small for a pinkeep. Any suggestions though are more than welcome.

I substituted some of the Atalie threads that were used on the original design for other handdyed threads and will see if I can include a note in the designs. I hope to be able to update the website with more of her designs shortly, as she has more of these cute designs.


8 thoughts on “Easter stitching – Tralala

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