* my new computer will be installed on Saturday, pfew, I am soooooooo relieved. Hopefully, everything will be back up and running before Easter.*

I have mentioned this design in the shop’s newsletter and promised to have more news about it on my weblog. This was one of the designs I saw at market and just HAD to stitch. I love the simplicity of it, the beautiful letters, the fact that it’s stitched in one color, the clean lines….. I think you get the picture, I really like this design :).

Of course the debate is always when stitching a single colored design, which color should I use. I already knew which fabric I wanted to use, a 40ct linen from a German company in a wonderful “primitive” color. As for the thread, I knew I didn’t want to use black as in the picture, but something else. Fortunately, The Gentle Art released a great color at market, called Espresso Bean. A rich brown color, dark enough to be almost black but it is still brown and it went soooooooo well with my fabric.

So here’s my version of ABCD, I hope you like it.

And a tiny close up:

I am thinking of getting a frame for this that is rather “rustic” and hopefully in the same color as the thread. I know for sure that I will use the thread again, it’s such a great color.

8 thoughts on “La-D-Da ABCD

  1. Too funny! I picked the same thread for my ABCD but I stitched it on the fabric called for. It was such a fun stitch and mine is at the framers now.
    groetjes uit Chicago!

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