The goose with the golden eggs

* I am getting a new computer this week and hopefully will be back online at home before the Easter weekend starts*

For the past years, a male goose sort of terrorized the area around my work place. Let’s just say, he’s not the friendliest of animals. He was always seen with another, female, goose, but sadly she was killed by a car. However, our male goose didn’t have to wait long to get a new partner. To this day it still amazes me that Sally (his new partner) is willing to put up with such a grumpy fellow, but alas, that’s her choice.

Grumpy, male goose and Sally survived the cold winter, survived the busy road next to our building and are now happily looking forward towards spring. The reason they are so happy is that Sally is becoming a mother goose. I guess this means that grumpy, male goose will become a father goose, but I am shuddering to think of what his influence will be on the young geese.

At least grumpy, male goose is doing his job:

Trust me, you don’t want to get too close, he really is grumpy.

Sally is such a sweet mother goose, checking out her eggs:

I am not completely certain we will have baby geese around as yesterday both grumpy, male goose and Sally were happily swimming together and nobody was watching the eggs. Which worries me, they should know that after 3 years, the honeymoon is over and it’s time to get back to work. I’ll keep you updated.


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