Dallas pictures

We spent a lovely couple of days in Dallas prior to going to Nashville. Biggest shock: it had snowed considerably in Texas and the first 2 days it was really COLD. Other years, we would just leave our coats in our suitcases and enjoy some spring weather, but not this year.

Yes, this really is Texas! The day before we arrived, the news said that it had snowed in all of the US states except for Hawaii.

As you can see, it was still cold this day, though not as bad anymore as the 2 previous days. This is in downtown Dallas.

On day 4 the girls stayed at home and miss D got me into trouble: sock knitting. I had tried to knit on 3 needles back home and didn’t really like it, but that was before I knitted with 4 needles (or 5 if you count the one you are actually knitting with as well) and the wonderful sock yarn that’s out there. Miss D insisted on doing a little trail run and after that, she wouldn’t let me keep my first ever tiny sock in progress, but just ripped it out again. How cruel.

As you can see there was also some serious yarn winding going on. Apparently, it takes at least 3 adults to work the machine :).

After all the fun we had, it was hard to say goodbye and move on towards Nashville. Oh, and in case anybody wants to know, the knitting made its way home with me, the notes unfortunately not, so I cannot really knit too much or I may miss the point where I have to start the heel:).


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