Nashville stitching

For the last couple of months I have become increasingly enamored by the designs by Paulette Stewart from Plum Street Designs. Not only does she have great designs, she also keeps a wonderful weblog. Anyways, I have been wanting to stitch one of her designs for quite a while now, and thought the trip to Dallas and Nashville would be a great time.

I decided to stitch Sophie’s Sheep:

I got my supplies ready, picked out my linen and bagged it all up to be started on the train ride to Schiphol. And this is how far I got on my train ride:

(OK, I have to be honest, I did put in the first couple of stitches in the week before I left, but it couldn’t be seriously considered a start). I loved working on this design, love the sheep, love the letters, but didn’t so much love the blue sheep on the picture. So I changed it around to another color and once I did that, I decided to omit all the blue out of the design and it turned out into this:

I used Walnut for the sheep’s body and the pastel/pink colors for the flowers and the sign. It really is a very sweet design. I haven’t decided yet on a frame, but that will come later.

6 thoughts on “Nashville stitching

  1. I really do like sheep but…..I prefer the blue one. It’s just my colour. Your stitching remains beautiful anyway !!!

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