A February finish

Now that we are back from the show in Zwolle, I can show you some more finishes that I had in January and February. More details about both Nashville and Zwolle will follow in the coming days, but this was the only picture I had ready so I thought I’d better use it :).

This is a free graph by The Gift of Stitching from quite a while ago. I stitched it with handdyed Soie de Paris from Tentakulum on Belfast antique white. One strand covers the fabric beautifully. I know I have said this a lot of times, but I really love this thread. If you have a chance, go and experience it. We kitted this up for one of the 11 little kits we had in Zwolle so that stitchers would have a chance of stitching with the thread.

I will post pictures of the kits too, but it will be over the weekend as I didn’t have time to photograph them in Zwolle.

Miss Murphy is waiting for me on the couch. She thinks that after all the traveling I did, I really should sit next to her and scratch her ears. So I am going to be a good kitty mom and get back to the couch. More stitching pics, market pics, Zwolle pics and Miss Murphy pics will follow.


3 thoughts on “A February finish

  1. Hi Annemiek,
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I am very happy to be back. It was a long trip for me. I will definitely make an effort to stop by should my travels take me in that direction. Take care. I do love all your finished you have pictured here.

  2. Good morning, Annemiek…
    I love the Gift of Stitching French heart. Do you have any idea of which issue that design appeared in? I believe I have all the issues. Would love to stitch this one!
    Asheville, NC

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