Miss Murphy told me a while ago that she expects that she will become a regular feature on my weblog. It involved a lot of meowing at all hours of the day (especially early morning), poking me with a nail, refusing to leave the hallway, so that I would have to leave the door open and loose precious warmth and sitting down on whatever I would be working on at the moment.

So being the good kitty mommy that I am, I decided to take some pictures. Apparently, I didn’t pick the right time for it. Miss Murphy was fully occupied by her beauty sleep and as you can see she was not amused at being disturbed.

To make sure I got the message, she decided to take a hold of the cord that dangles from my camera and refused to let go for over 5 minutes.

The harder I pulled, the harder she pulled back. In the end, she decided that her beauty sleep was much more important than some stupid contest with me and let go of the cord.

I guess for next time’s feature, I had better pick a good time to take pictures.


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