Valentine finish

I feel so good about finishing some smaller projects, that I decided this cute heart needed to be done before Valentine’s Day. As I am stitching it on 50ct linen, it takes a little longer to stitch and I need to have some good light and rested eyes. I really think it’s a great design and it was lovely to stitch.

Unfortunately, the weather is such that I can’t seem to be able to take an acurate picture of the fabric. It’s darker than you see here and the color is different too. This cutie will go in the box with to finish small projects and who knows it might be turned into an ornament or something before Valentine’s Day 2011. It definitely won’t be for this year :).


8 thoughts on “Valentine finish

  1. 50 ct.!! Good heavens… I’ve never even seen 50 ct LOL Are you ready to come over here? The forecast is NO SNOW for Nashville- hurray 🙂

  2. At first, I thought you were stitching this 1/1 on the 50 count. I think it would be fun to try this count. I have 40 count that I use often. I do understand needing good light although that seems to be a problem with any count as I get older. I am working on a series of BRD sayings in 34 count 1/1. It is fun but does seem to move slowly. I pulled out my Quaker I was working on and they look like monster stitches in comparison…lol. I am now longing for spring like weather for one reason only…I want to get up to your shop one weekend.

    Hugs en groetjes ~

  3. I have a hard time getting my photos to show accurate colors, too! This looks lovely! I had fun stitching it as well. And I don’t think I can manage anything over 40 count these days–I’m not sure I can even imagine 50 count–it must be a really tight weave?

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