Final January Finish

Thank you for all your kind comments on my heart finish on 50 count. I truly believe that the trick in working on 50ct is to use very thin thread. Once you are used to the thread, it’s gorgeous to work with. My new finish is on a slightly larger count though :).

On Saturday evenings I love working on small, quick to finish projects. Preferably projects I can finish that said Saturday evening. Now we all know that there are hardly any projects you can finish in say about 3-4 hours of stitching, but a woman must have hopes.

As I said in this post I gifted my friends with a few projects that they had to stitch themselves. A week after giving them the materials, it occured to me, that it might have been nice to show them the finished project. My brain is really affected by the cold outside, it’s slowing down in order to save energy for more important things like stitching. So I picked my materials and stitched this cutie:

I used my all time favorite thread of the moment, Soie de Paris, handdyed by Tentakulum and some 36ct cream Edinburg linen I had around. Of course it took me longer than a Saturday evening to stitch it, but I had fun doing so. Sometimes, a simple design can just be what I need. I really like the way the letters are graphed, stitching the background and leaving the letters show up as the color of the fabric.

Let’s hope it gets finished in time, it’s a gift for a special person.


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