This was not the deal!

Does this look familiar?

Yes, indeed, once again we are having snow. About 2 inches of snow. I am sooooooo sick of snow. They forecast more snow during the day and night and tomorrow it’s supposed to be really cold as there will be a hard wind from the northeast. Yippie.

Now I thought that when I had finished my snowflakes, we’d be done with the snow. So over the weekend I worked dilligently on my snowflakes, enjoying the melting snow outside. And of course, a day after I finished the dreaded snowflakes, there is snow outside. Go figure.

Anyway, I am proud that I have finished another UFO.  I started this in 2008 I think, truly believing it would be done that year. I remember taking it to Nasvhille and Zwolle and after that, my memory conveniently blacks out. I found it again when doing the 25 days of Christmas and I am happy to report that this one is done! Including all those dreaded snowflakes.

The buttons are left off as I have to iron it, but I couldn’t wait to snap a picture. Now I can start something new and I can pick another project of the 25 days of Christmas to hopefully get finished before summer.


10 thoughts on “This was not the deal!

  1. Congratulations on finishing the snowmen: a really cute trio!

    I know exactly how you feel about the snow: our latest load had just finished melting, and today it’s snowing again! And I’m due to fly to Paris in the afternoon, so I’m keeping fingers, toes and everything crossed…

  2. De sneeuwpoppen zijn leuk geworden. Ik ben blij dat ik niet de enige ben die genoeg heeft van de sneeuw. Bij mij thuis vinden ze al dat ik mij aanstel, maar van mij hoeft het echt niet meer. We hebben nu toch echt wel genoeg sneeuw gezien voor een winter. Ik ben nu nog een sneeuwpop aan het borduren. Als die af is (en dat is bijna zover) ga ik dingen voor het voorjaar en pasen borduren. Misschien helpt dat en gaat de sneeuw dan weg.


  3. I haven’t ever lived in snow so I just can’t imagine it but it looks so pretty 🙂

    Well done on your finish – I fell you can do an extra hoppy, happy dance when you finish a UFO! The snowflakes look lovely – looking forward to seeing the buttons on too.

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