Not only are there snowflakes outside my window, but I am also stitching snowflakes. Though I have to admit, they are the least liked part of the 3 snowmen I am stitching. First I tried stitching them as graphed. and I am afraid my snowflakes were just plain ugly. I mean really ugly. To the point where I was ready to forget about the snowflakes all together and just have snowmen and no snowflakes.

Fortunately, a customer came to the rescue. She had stitched the same design and also didn’t like her snowflakes at first. She obviously had more brain power than I have for she came up with a solution. to save everybody else out there from snowflake misery, here’s what she did. Instead of stitching a full cross underneath the upright cross, she stitched what I would call a half eyelet and then an upright cross on top of that. See picture below. Give it a try, it definitely gives you much better snowflakes.

As much as I appreciated the help, it didn’t stop me from resenting those darn snowflakes after a while. They seem to take forever to stitch. I really mean foooooooooorever. After 2 full episodes of 24 (thank goodness Jack is back to rescue the world), I cried uncle and gave up for the day. So my snowflakes are still not finished. I couldn’t believe it. I had labored over those darn snowflakes for more than 2.5hrs (yes, I started before Jack came on the screen), which means I stitched for more than 150 minutes, which means that every little darn snowflake takes me  xx minutes to stitch.

I so wanted to list this as my last January finish, but alas, the snowflakes are against me. It will have to be a February finish instead. As there is still snow outside as well, I don’t have to feel too bad. I did have a final January finish that I will share later this week. For the moment, I am back to my snowflakes, I told myself they wouldn’t get the better of me.


2 thoughts on “Snowflakes……..

  1. I don’t like snowflakes either, neither the real ones nor ste ones that I have to stitch when the pattern requires them, lol. You are very near the end now, it seems. And the finished piece will look gorgeous.

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