Milly, Willy and Chille

Do you remember this WIP from the 25 days of Christmas?

One of my goals for 2010 is to finish at least two long standing WIP’s and this one just called to me. So I started stitching on it and here’s how far I got.

I am hoping that I might be able to finish this in January, but I discovered that I don’t have WDW Rust and guess what, we are out of it in the shop as well :)> I am tempted to use another brownish floss color but as I love the colors used, I probably will stick to what the design says.

Last night it snowed again though not that much. It’s not so cold anymore, so I think the snow might melt away today, which to be honest, I wouldn’t mind at all. This has definitely been the most wintery month of January in a loooooong time.


8 thoughts on “Milly, Willy and Chille

  1. Those area so cute. That is too bad that you ran out of the color. Can you stitch around it and be almost done. If so, I would consider it a finish until the thread comes. It won’t take much time to fill in the missing color, would it?

  2. Oh weee!! These snowmen look so fun, love their hats.
    And wow your felted gifts are awesome.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comment.
    I plan on stitching on the Owl Sampler later today
    Have a great weekend

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