Valentine bug

It seems that I am not the only one who has been bitten by the Valentine bug. Danielle and Annemarie commented that they were also thinking of stitching a Valentine basket and I know that Stacy also stitched some Valentine projects. Valentine’s Day isn’t really my favorite holiday, which is also the reason I don’t have any projects to display. This year however, it seems as if I cannot find anything else to stitch than Valentine designs :).

I found another heart that I wanted to stitch and I have made a bit of progress. There are other projects hanging around in the livingroom but I can’t show you those yet. This is an oldie, published by the Pieceworks magazine. Click here to get to the graph. I am only stitching the heart with the alphabet, but there is another heart if you want to stitch that as well.

Here is how far I got till now:

And a close up:

This picture shows the color of the fabric much better. I am considering using the quilt fabric in the top picture for the back of the ornaments. I am thinking of turning the Love heart into a pinkeep and this one into a heartshaped teeny weeny pillow.

I honestly love the fabric and the thread. Some people were wondering how hard it is to stitch on 50 count linen. Of course it is small and it requires good eyesight. Or a good daylight lamp. What I have found is that the thread is equally important. If you try to use regular DMC or another overdyed thread on this kind of fabric, I find it to be too bulky and harder to work with. It’s not so bad if you have just a few stitches to do, but if there are solid blocks, the DMC is too thick IMHO. Using a thinner thread like soie surfine makes stitching on high count linens (anything above 40 count) a lot easier.

The snow is still melting here. Yesterday evening it started to snow again, but it’s almost disappeared now. I really hope that it’s all gone before the next cold front sets in. Which is supposed to happend at the end of the week or over the weekend. We’ll see.

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