Small heart – big hearts

Over the weekend I found some old rose 50ct linen that was just begging to be used for my Valentine’s idea. Over here, Valentine’s Day is not that big, though I guess it gets bigger every year. It probably helps if you have a significant other to get that warm fuzzy feeling around February 14th :).  This year however, I wanted to have a bit more of Valentine’s Day in my house. After all, there are plenty of people I love.

I set up a little Christmas basket in December and it’s about time to put away the Christmas decorations and get ready for spring. What better way than to make a little Valentine’s display? There is a small problem though, I hardly have anything Valentine related. There are no endless amount of heart shaped ornaments in my closet. But hey, I am a stitcher, so surely I can remedy that.

So last Sunday, I picked up this fascinating fabric and got busy. I found a few heart designs that I liked and had the perfect thread at home to start stitching. This heart is by The Workbasket and you can find it on their website (click here to get to their page with free graphs). I have known Candy and Mary for quite some time now and know that as small as my stitched heart may be, as big are their hearts. They are really wonderful women.

The big question will be if I will have this completely finished (i.e. into a pillow, pinkeep or something) before February 14th is around. I was sort of planning on stitching about 3-4 hearts on the same fabric with the same thread and put them in my little basket. We’ll see…….

And for those of you who are anxious to see the first floss tag, the floss tag is stitched and I will be putting it together this week.


6 thoughts on “Small heart – big hearts

  1. Hey Annemiek, it’s been a while, sorry! Your plan for a Valentine basket is a great one. And, as you know, great minds think alike, because I had the exact same idea yesterday! My choice of charts are the Primitive Betty freebies 🙂

  2. Valentine’s Day is probably my least favorite holiday, but I still love cross stitch designs for it–as weird as that sounds. I was thinking I should stitch something as well though I will have to order the supplies. Your heart is lovely. If you did more than one you could finish each in a different way. I’ve never tried anything smaller than 40 count–I bet the stitches are very delicate looking!

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