Baby, it’s cold outside

This past weekend, we had some pretty cold weather. The temperature wasn’t so bad, but the wind was. They gave a negative travel advice for Saturday evening and most of Sunday. Very good reasons according to Miss Murphy to get inside the quilt on the couch and stay warm.

I have been busy working on my Hedebo. The last 2 borders are coming along. It took me quite a while to get them drawn. I was stuck on another border, I just couldn’t see how it was done and couldn’t figure it out. After the 6th try, I settled for a new border and that came along a lot quicker. Not sure if I get them all done before Thursday, but I love how they turn out.

And as this is a stitching blog, not a Miss Murphy blog, here’s a picture of a quick stitch I did a few weeks ago. Again with the handdyed Soie de Paris by Tentakulum. Fabric is 36ct cream Edinburg linen.

We had some fresh snow overnight, but fortunately, nothing too much. After 14 days of snow, I must admit that I am ready for some green grass.


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