As I mentioned in this post, I am starting another series of primitive floss tags. The group has been set up, everything is in place and the first design will be posted in about 10 days. Now I promised a bonus for this year’s series and that it would be quick to finish. I think you can do this in about a minute. Depending on whether or not there is paper in your printer :).

Anyways, as part of the 2010 floss tag series, you will get a calendar page each month with some cross stitch motifs on them. To put on the fridge, to keep track of your stitching, your cooking, your reading etc. It was a lot of fun to make this page. So, the January one is free on my weblog for all my readers. I would like to ask that if you want to alert others to this freebie, you give them the link to my weblog.

Enjoy! (Click on the link below the picture to go to the pdf file)

calendar-january-2010 snowflakes

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