And the first stitching finish in 2010

Do you know this feeling? You have seen a design, bought it, brought it home, picked out fabric and thread and took it with you on some trips as the perfect “I am on a trip” project, but never started it? This happened to me with this design from Isabelle Vaultier. Every time I took it with me on a trip, my saner self interfered and told me I shouldn’t start yet another project, given that I had already started so many.

So for most of 2009, this project travelled almost everywhere with me. I absolutely love the owl in this design and knew it had to be stitched at some point. So on January 1st, I decided I had delayed it long enough, and it was more than time to stitch it. I am using 36ct Edinburgh linen with a gorgeous handdyed Soie de Paris thread by Tentakulum. The Soie de Paris is a bit harder to work with than regular silks, but it is soooooooo gorgeous. Honestly, I think I could happily stitch almost everything with this.

It’s a design that requires a bit more concentration than normally. There is no logic in the design, meaning, you can’t repeat anything, for every stitch you have to look at the chart. You know when there’s a border, you can just repeat what you’ve done before, well not in this case. It reminded me a bit of the alphabet letters that M Designs published some years ago. I thought those were also kinda hard to stitch. It’s easy to make a mistake :).

There are more of these hearts and I might be tempted to try my hand at another one. However, first I need to finish a WIP from 2009 before I can start something else.

PS I have another 2010 finish, but can’t show that yet. I must admit that I am feeling rather productive.


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