Countdown to Christmas

I only showed this project once in December as I thought it would be cheating to show it more often. After all, it’d still be the same WIP. But I have been working on it dutifully and with much pleasure I might add. I really feel like I am making some progress now. Of course I still have to do the top section on the main calendar part, but that will come in its own time. I want to change the design a bit, add more houses, trees and critters.

Anyway, here are day 16-18.

Didn’t change the designs this time, but added a generous amount of Petite Treasure Braid no. 03. I just love that color and it works great for Christmas pieces. I am busy with my Hedebo borders at the moment, so this one hasn’t had too much exercise lately, but I am hoping to get most if not all of the numbers done before I leave for Nashville.


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