More of Miss Murphy

You won’t believe this (or actually, those of you who own a cat might believe it after all), but once Miss Murphy found out that she was featured on my weblog again, she insisted on being a regular feature. Twisting my arm, stamping her little paw, threatening to destroy my furniture, meowing while I try to sleep, she would stop at nothing until I promised to post another two pictures.

Now if she knew which ones I picked, I’m not sure she would have thrown such a fit (or worse, she might go over the whole hysterics again), but that’s the prerogative of whomever is in chart of publishing the weblog :).

This was during my holiday break, to burn of some calories I had her do fitness (i.e. go after the ribbon).

Yes, she does have a fine set of teeth. The exercise is not only good for burning calories, but also for maintaining balance.

Did I mention Miss Murphy is fast? Too fast for me to be able to take a good picture.  We had loads of fun with this simple ribbon. I think I will take it out again tonight and do some more cat fitness.

FYI: do not try this at home with your kids, husband or unsuspecting visitors. These exercises are for cats only.

If you could just hear her now, she is softly snoring. Nose up in the air, mouth slightly ajar and there she goes. It’s quite adorable.


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