The 2010 series of Primitive Floss Tags

Over the past weeks, I have spent my time working on a new series of floss tags for 2010. The new series will have a new shape, new linen, new designs and a new monthly feature, which I cannot reveal yet, but which only takes about 1 minute to complete. You’ll have to be patient for a little longer and then I will announce it on the blog. The linens pictured above are possible colors for the 2010 series. They are Lakeside Linens, wonderful linens to stitch on.

Also, I will introduce you to Cousin Claire (my fictive cousin that is). She will guide you through the year with words of wisdom, recipes, some give-aways and lots of fun. Cousin Claire came to my mind after reading an Alexandra Stoddard book. BTW, if you have never read any of her books, I can highly recommend them. They are all about a good, yet simple life. Just reading them, makes you feel in a better mood.

Anyway, Alexandra had an aunt when she was a teenager who would sent her books to read and took her and 2 other cousins on a trip to Europe the year they turned 18. She taught them about good manners, philosophy, cultures and what was good for the soul. And I couldn’t help myself but think, wouldn’t it be nice if we all had an aunt like that.

In comes Cousin Claire, she will take you on a trip, not to Europe I’m afraid, but a trip along the good things in life. Cousin Claire is well known for leaving little words of wisdom and as she is an avid stitcher, she likes to leave them stitched on a floss tag. After all, a woman has to be practical at times and those floss tags are a wonderful invention according to cousin Claire.

Oh, she also told me to let you know that all though the shape of the floss tags might be different, the style will be the same (i.e. primitive). And unlike this year, the floss tags won’t be designed around the month in which they are
published. Which is nice if you can’t keep up with the stitching :). I told you cousin Claire is really practical and understands all those obstacles we stitchers have to to overcome.

If you are interested in joining, it’s 24 dollars for the whole year (or 20 euros). Please email me at info at needlescontent dot com (remove the @, the spaces and the dot) for more information. I am currently working on the first design and hope to have that up next week so you have an idea of what the 2010 series are going to look like.

Have a great week, it is snowing again here in the Netherlands, I think this winter we have seen more snow than over the past decade.


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