Forgot picture of Miss Murphy

In my last post I was supposed to add a picture of Miss Murphy, all curled up on the couch. When she discovered that I had left it out, let’s just say, there was hardly enough room for me to hide. Miss Murphy thought it was about time that she was featured again on this weblog and told me quite clearly that I had to rectify this asap.

So here she is.

And since I feel like I have to make it up to her, here are some more pictures. In this one she’s battling with the towel that I had in the hallway to put my snowy boots on when I got into the house.

It was quite hilarious to watch her get a hold of that towel. She just couldn’t figure out that there was nothing beneath it.

And here is Miss Murphy grooming herself. I love it when she licks her paw and then “washes” her face.

And finally her “DO NOT DISTURB” pose. I don’t think I need to say more :)).

I guess we can move on now to stitching stuff for the next post. This should satisfy the queen of the house for at least a day.


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